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Mini Happy Chick Brooder inc Heat Lamp, Feeder, Drinker, Hygienic Maximize

Mini Happy Chick Brooder inc Heat Lamp, Feeder, Drinker, Hygienic

Chick Brooder for up to 30 hen chicks. A thermostatic heat lamp ensures a economical perfect start for your chicks in there new secure home. Includes Heat Lamp, Feeder and Drinker, Integral Faeces Tray.

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Maino Happy Chick Brooder

Chick Brooder for up to 30 hen chicks. Thermostatic Heat Lamp ensures a perfect start for your chicks in there new secure home. Includes Heat Lamp, Feeder and Drinker, Integral Faeces Tray.

Built to Last...

The 250 watt RA Halogen Heat Lamp - Ran for over 8000 hours in our test (300 days) without breakage or malfunction. The Plexiglas is xmm thick, edged with Aluminium Corners for extra strength. A Galvanised Steel Base and Faeces tray ensure years of use.

How it works...

The body of the chick is irradiated by the light of the CaldoBello bulb, saturating it with infra red warmth, which, via blood circulation, spreads the heat to all parts of the body, even those that are in the lamp's shadow!
True Infra Red Rays - Only the chicks are warmed . Everything else is unaffected by the light from this special infrared heater, such as water, food, cage, etc. They are always cool.

Key Features

240volt Thermostatically controlled heat lamp for efficiency
Feeder and drinker included
Can be stood on a desk
Slide-out Manure Tray lowers risk of infection from coccidia bacteria (coccidiosis)
Holds 30 hen chicks for 4 weeks, more for less time, less for more time.
Hen chicks can stay comfortably for up to 8 weeks from a chick height restriction (with less numbers due to size). Quail chicks are not impeded by height.
Made in Europe, to European Union Quality Standards (CE Certificated)
2 year warranty from manufacturing defect 
67cm wide * 41cm Deep * 32cm High + 15cm for Heat Lamp (Total height 48cm)

Approx Capacities @ 4 weeks

30 : Hen / Duck / Small Black Turkey
40 : Pheasant/ Guinea Fowl / Bantam
100 : Quail / Grey Partridge
15 : Goose / Giant Turkey / Peacock

Buy with confidence...   2yr Guarantee on all Maino Products*

In the unlikely event your brooder develops a fault, Maino guarantee all there products for 2 years from the time of purchase. Product must be returned to Maino's repair centre in the UK. 

*When used in a domestic environment, commercial incubators have a 12 month guarantee


Buy with confidence...   FULL CE Approval

Made in Italy, near to Milan. 

Fully tested and documented to meet stringent CE  standards as required for any electrical product sold in  the EU... 

This product complies with the main requisitions of  Electromagnetic and Safety Consistency provided by the  Regulations: 89/33/CEE of May 3 1989 with subsequent  changes (Regulation 92/31/CEE of April 28 1992 and  Regulation 93/68/CEE of July 22 1993); 73/23/CEE of  February 19 1973 with subsequent changes (Regulation  93/68/CEE of July 22 1993); since it has been projected  in compliance with the directions of the following  Harmonized Rules: CEI EN61000-3-2 (1998) + A14 (2000)  ref. Harmonic Current Emissions; EN61000-3-3 ref.  Voltage Fluctuations; EN55014-1 ref. Conducted  Radiodisturbance Emissions; EN55014-1 ref. Click;  EN55014-1 ref. Power Disturbace (30/300 Mhz) & Immunity  Tests EN55014-2 ref. ESD, CM, FSB, S, VDSI + EN60335 +  EN60335-2-71. The compliance with the above-said main  requisitions is attested by means of the affixing of the  marking CE¹ on the product. The marking CE¹ was  introduced in 1995.

BE AWARE that some products marked CE may stand for China Export, which is not the same.

Other Technical Specifications...

Power ConsumptionMax250 Watt
Power Supply3 Pin UK Plug220-240v, 50Hz
DimensionsInc Packing 


  • Watts 250 watts
  • Electrical Rating 230V AC +10/-15% 50/60Hz +/-0.5%